Friday, January 16, 2009

"Fixing" the economy?

So all of that money that the congress gave away to "fix" the economy went where? To banks that had problems with bad debts so they could buy up other banks with bad debt? And this is supposed to help the economy how? We all knew that it would happen but we let it anyway. And now they are going to give more money to more banks as well as the American car companies and they are going to "keep better tabs on where the money goes this time." I can tell you that without them spending another dime of MY (and your) money. Straight in their pockets. Go ahead and just send me a check and forget the bureaucracy. No need to set up any "Blue Ribbon Panel" or anything else. They all know where the money will go and so do we. They just don't want to be seen as doing nothing about the "crisis".
And another thing. Who caused the crisis anyway? THEY DID!!!!!!!!! They set the whole house of cards up and then when it came tumbling down, they all ran for cover and started blaming everyone else.

Oh, well. I will keep my head about me and keep looking to the one in whose hands I rest. And just remember: It is called the present for a reason! Open it up, enjoy it and thank the one who gave it to you.


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