Monday, February 2, 2009

Did someone mention Montevallo?

OK. As long as you brought up Montevallo, here goes.

I remember being in Cub Scouts (I seem to remember Mom being the Den Mother) and building rubber band boats. That was the first time I remember being allowed to use a "real" saw, not to mention a pocket knife.

And then there were the lightning bugs in the back yard. I remember going out and there were so many they almost slapped you in the face as you walked through the yard.

I remember walking up to the corner to the Sinclair station to get gas for the lawnmower. Took a gallon can and Dad gave me a quarter with which to purchase said gas. Had enough left over for bubble gum. Now you can't hardly find gum for a quarter, much less the gas!

I remember Mom working in the ticket booth at the theater and walking up there to watch "Finnegan's Rainbow".

Oh, well. TTFN



  1. I think "snippet" memories are the best. :-)

  2. Do you remember ALL the surprise lillies? They were Red, and they were everywhere! That's what I remember about montevallo the most. Oh and there was one day when across the street at that monument place, (probably some college students) Where dressed up like
    Bonnie and Clyde in an old car and getting pictures.